How We Find a Good TB?

We follow a thorough process to ensure our TB is a serious, qualified candidate.

Here is a quick overview of the steps we take:

• We only consider serious potential TBs who come to us directly or are recommended to us by a trusted third party.
• After we familiarize ourselves with the potential TB over a few phone calls, we then refer them to our Credit Repair Specialist who assesses whether or not they would make a suitable TB from a financial standpoint.
• Upon receiving the go-ahead from our Credit Repair Specialist, we meet with the potential TB to cover the general TFRTO process as well as the specifics pertaining to their particular case. This includes discussing the length of the agreement, their budget for monthly rent and the option consideration fee, among other details.
• We complete an in-depth follow up with each of the potential TB’s references.
• The potential TB spends time with a realtor who helps them find a property that meets not only the TB’s criteria, but ours as well.
• Before the TB makes any offer on a property we fill out the necessary paperwork and agreements and receive a nonrefundable fee from them.
• At this stage, we make the final arrangements with the TB, informing them of both the closing date and move in date.
• Once final arrangements are made, we review what the TB must do in order to comply with a house inspection report. If the TB fails to comply with any part of the inspection, we will fix the discrepancy for them but the cost will come out of their pocket.
• Finally, our Credit Repair Specialist outlines a process for the TB to improve their credit rating so they will be able to get a mortgage in as little as three years to buy their property.
• After all of the hard work from each party involved, the TB moves in and we celebrate!