When you sign on to the rent-to-own contract , you are legally required to meet the terms and conditions of the agreement and you have accepted all policies and regulations , which includes paying the monthly amount on time.

If you are unable to do so, you will be subject to be in default under the terms and conditions of the contract and it may be required to begin legal proceedings to recover and secure our interests in the property. If this happens, you may lose your equitable interest in the property and may also be responsible for any legal costs incurred by us due to the default.Hence,It is important that you understand your responsibilities and obligations prior to signing the contract.

We will do our best to extend the rent-to-own agreement to meet your expectation and need , however you believe that you may not be able to qualify in the numbers of years ;therefore, Rent-to-own may not be a good choice for you.

If you increase your initial payment , the amount of monthly payment can be reduced.

No. The purchase price is a fixed price according to the estimate of the future value of the property at the end of your lease term and is guaranteed for the duration of your lease.That is : the purchase price will not be changed regardless of how much the home appreciates in value over the term of the agreement.

Yes, we insist on providing the opportunity to own your own home.So, trust yourself when you prepare us your credit report.

All we ask is that you are honest about yourself when you provide us with your credit report, just you need to trust us. We do our best to assist you in order to qualify for a mortgage.

The amount initial fee is credited back you. Populated and major cities in which reasaling demand is high , you should afford at least 6% of the total amount ( around $20,000).It is considerable that more amount of initial fee follows by the lower monthly payments.

The actual amount required depends on different factors including , your property, location and amount of your monthly payment.Our purpose is to make you a homeowner , but starting off without a sufficient initial payment would not make it possible for us to achieve our goal - which is for you to qualify for a mortgage from a bank at the duration of our program.

No, buyers can get an agreement to lock in a purchase price and buy at today’s price,even though prices may be increased . On the other hand, buyers have the option to back out if home prices fall , regarding to the amount they have paid under the agreement.

“Rent to own “is the creative way to purchase your dream house,it is also known as “lease to purchase”.”Rent to own “contract is signed between you and the seller for a period of time ( normally 1 and 3 years) ,yet it may be seen for a longer period.By this program you have the opportunity to accumulate your down payment and buy your desired home.

When you buy your home under “rent to own” program you pay monthly rent, and a portion of it is usually put aside as down payment .While you live in the house you desire to own ,you have saved a considerable amount as the down payment.Even if you are Bad credit , this program is designed as a proactive step which allows you to become a homeowner.

We will rent you the home of your choice and grant you the exclusive right to purchase it at a later date. If you cannot qualify for a home loan,you can start buying a house with a rent to own agreement.It gives you the opportunity to boost the amount of down payment, rebuild your credit scores, sell another home, and also try out the neighborhood before buying.

You may be able to get a loan once it’s finally time to buy the house,beside a portion of your monthly lease payment and 100% of your initial Option fee is credited towards the purchase price of the home.Then you can buy your desired home.